Class 11 Computer Science Notes for FBISE

Class 11 Computer Science Notes

Class 11 Computer Science Notes

If you are looking for class 11 computer science Notes, then you are at the right blog!

We will share FSC and ICS first-year Computer Science Notes in Pdf that you can read online or download.

Computer Science is like a desert. It is a kind of subject you pick to score high marks. You need to understand some simple concepts and you are good to go. In class 11 computer science, you don’t need to Ratta full chapters or study all long and short questions. You just need to conceptually overview of the book, for this purpose our class 11 notes come into play.

As we all know, the syllabus of class 11 computer in changed by (FBISE) Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. So we have to work all over again to make and provide new notes to the users, and we did. New syllabus Is consists of 8 chapters. The early talks about introduction to the computer, and then we move on to the introduction to communication and at the end, we study Database.

FBISE is going in the right direction with the class 11 computer science. Because when I was studying this Computer science it was telling us about 50 years old stuff. But this Syllabus is pretty good.

Enough talking here are the Class 11 Computer Science Notes;

Chapter 1 # Overview of Computer System

This Chapter 1 will talk About:

  1. Computing Devices
  2. Introduction to computer
  3. Classification of digital computers
  4. Hardware and Software
  5. Basic operations of computers

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Chapter 2 # Computer Memory

This Chapter 2 will talk About:

  1. Main memory
  2. Ram
  3. Storage Devices
  4. Memory Characteristics
  5. Exercises
  6. Key points

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Chapter 3 # Central Processing Unit

This Chapter 3 will talk About:

  1. Unit introduction
  2. Buses
  3. CPU operations
  4. Registers

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Chapter 4 # Inside System Unit

This Chapter 4 will talk About:

  1. Computer casings
  2. Types of expansion cards
  3. Exploring the system unit
  4. Cpu And system unit
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Chapter 5 # Network Communications and Protocols

This Chapter 5 will talk About:

  1. Modes of Network Communication
  2. Network Communication
  3. Communication media
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Chapter 6 # Wireless Communication

This Chapter 6 will talk About:

  1. Wireless Networks
  2. Wi-Max
  3. Mobile Device Communication
  4. Infra-red
  5. Bluetooth
  6. Cellular Communication
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Chapter 7 # Database Fundamentals

This Chapter 7 will talk About:

  1. Introduction to Database
  2. Database Models
  3. File Management System
  4. Advantages of DBMS
  5. Cardinility and Modality
  6. Database languages
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Chapter 8 # Database Development

This Chapter 8 will talk About:

  1. Database objects
  2. Creating Queries
  3. Selecting a suitable DBMS
  4. Data Types
  5. Working with tables
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