9th class Pak Studies Notes of all chapters FBISE

9th Class Pak Studies Notes

9th class Pak Studies Notes of all chapters English and Urdu Pdf

Most students are looking for 9th class Pak studies notes. Pakistan studies notes are not easy to find because it notes a very famous subject. Because it is related to Pakistan and it shares the history, biography, and geography of Pakistan.

9th Class English Notes For All Chapters 

Finding the notes of 9th class Pak studies notes pdf is not an easy task. Because there are not many sites sharing these notes. So at Top Study Tips, we decided to share Pakistan studies notes for 9th class. We have shared notes of all chapters separately. So you can download the chapter you want without rushing into all other chapters.

We have shared all notes according to FBISE. So you use these notes all over Pakistan.

Pak studies is a very good subject to read. Especially for our kids. It teaches them the history of Pakistan and explains the two-nation theory. So the youth can understand the difference between India and Pakistan. Most young people don’t even know the values, culture and history of Pakistan so it is an excellent book for that.

Chapter 1 – Pakistan Ki Nazaryati Asas / Ideological Basis of Pakistan

Pakistan Ki Nazaryati Asas chapter is about the theory or idea behind a new Muslim state. It talks about the differences between India and Pakistan explains the difference in culture and, religion. it is a very good chapter about the basics behind a Muslim state like Pakistan.

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Chapter 2 – Pakistan Ka Qayam / Making of Pakistan

Qayam Pakistan is one of the most interesting pieces of history. The chapter discusses all the incidents and circumstances that happened at that time. It highlighted the process of Qayam e Pakistan and how it took place. It refers to the sacrifices of Muslims and Speeches of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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Chapter 3 – Zameen Aur Mahool / Land and Environment

The chapter discusses the geography of Pakistan. It talks about the land and scales the areas of every province. All the animals found in Pakistan and information about our nation animal Markhoor is mentioned in the chapter. It highlights the cons of noise and water pollution.

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Chapter 4 – Tarikh-e-Pakistan / History of Pakistan 

History of Pakistan is full of struggle, fight for freedom and rights. the chapter refers to the history of Pakistan and the ideology behind it. Muslims right and freedom are widely discussed. It is a great chapter to study the history and ideology behind the making of a Mulsim county Pakistan.

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