9th Class Computer Science Notes for FBISE

9th Class Computer Science Notes

9th Class Computer Science Notes for FBISE

Having many options for buying 9th class computer science notes can lead to the wrong book. Nowadays, in markets, sellers are still selling old syllabus of computer science. That is why we have compiled this post.

9th Class Physics Notes of all Chapters FBISE

We are going to share 9th class computer science notes in pdf form so you can download them or read them online if you want. We will be giving you notes according to the latest federal syllabus.

My Computer Science teacher used to say that”Computer is not the kind of subject that is too difficult to understand and you should take it lightly”. But it means that the computer is an easy subject as compared to other subjects. Which means we should score very high marks in 9th class computer science.

For getting High marks, we need special guidance. It could be a teacher or a book. It means one should always carry a guide or notes, no matter how good he is with that subject. Humans still miss things.

These 9th grade computer science notes have all the chapters. It includes MCQs, Short questions, long questions. We have got almost everything in these notes. I can guarantee, If you follow these notes in the proper way. Inshah Allah, you will score high Marks.

Ch# 1 Fundamentals of Computer

  • What is the computer
  • Evolution of Computer
  • Function of Computer
  • Cumputer generations and their Features


PAGE: 37

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Ch# 2 Fundamentals of Operating System

  • What is Operating System? how it works
  • What are the types of operating system
  • Fuuction of Windows.
  • Perform different operations on windows


PAGE: 27

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Ch# 3 Office Automation

  • Define office autionmation?
  • Advantages of office automation software
  • How to setups and Install Microsoft Office


PAGE: 67

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Ch# 4 Data Communication

  • Define data communication
  • Methods of Data communication
  • Difference of Analog and Digital Signals
  • Transmission media


PAGE: 18

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Ch# 5 Computer Networks

  • What is meant by Computer Network
  • What is network architecture and deine its types
  • Communication over Networks
  • Define network devices and define modem and its features


PAGE: 20

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Ch# 6 Computer Security and Ethics

  • Define cyber security and its purpose
  • Computer virus and its types
  • What is data privacy and how to protect it


PAGE: 17

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